One of the top 5 best shopping cities in the Netherlands, only 3 km from our B&B


In the nicest shopping city in the Netherlands

Roermond has been named one of the 5 best shopping cities in the Netherlands. Every year, millions of people go to Designer Outlet Roermond and the old city center of Roermond for a fun day out. Just outside the center is the Roercenter with nice shops. If you take the car from the city center in the direction of Germany, you will arrive at Retail Park Roermond. There are also many nice shops.

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In Roermond

Pierre Cuypers is by far the famous resident of Roermond. This architect has many beautiful buildings to his name. Cuypers was born in Roermond. A museum is now located in his birthplace. In this museum you will get more information about this man and his works. Would you like to know more about this? click here

In 2021 it will be exactly 100 years that Cuypers passed away. All kinds of events will be organized around this multi-talent. The Cuypershuis will also pay attention to this historical fact. At the end of 2021, a number of musical performances will take place about his life in Theater Hotel De Oranjerie.

The VVV has developed 2 beautiful walking routes about the works of Cuypers. These 2 walking routes are available for free in our B&B.

De Maasplassen

the largest water sports area in the Netherlands

What most people don’t know is that this water area is the largest water sports area in the Netherlands. Even bigger than the waters in Friesland. Every water sports enthusiast, fisherman, sailor, diver or beach lover can enjoy this to their heart’s content.

There are also several boarding places on this lake for a nice boat trip with De Veerman on these lakes. One of the boarding points is in Neer.
The Maasplassen is a continuous area of large and small lakes. The best known are: Hatenboer / De Weerd, De Boschmolenplas and the Oolderplas.

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